Every homeowner knows that the resale and appraisal value of their property is affected by curb appeal. Which is why Lawn and Yard Maintenance plays such a big role in keeping your property looking it’s best. There are many angles to consider if you are trying to have a lush green lawn in front of your house. Lawn-care is something that has to be paid attend to all year long. One might think that a green lawn is something to only work on in the growing months which is mostly true but there is year-round work that goes into obtaining a healthy lush green lawn that will last for years.

Benefits of Professional Lawn and Yard Maintenance

When a lawn is looking great you can be sure you will get more than return than the cost of all your time, effort and money that you put into it over the years. The benefits of professional Lawn and Yard Maintenance pays back the homeowner not only in the compliments they are going to receive from friends or guests but upon the sale of their property they will require more than the funds it took to achieve the lush green lawn that has increased the curb appeal to the buyer.

Taking care of a lawn is a year-round process, there are some basic seasonal guidelines to follow in order to care for your lawn.

Pre-Spring is Time to get Ready for Maintenance Ahead

This is a good time to prep for the workload of spring lawn maintenance. There are some things that you can do in early spring to get your equipment and lawn ready for the work you will do in spring, this will make the next couple seasons of effort run smooth with less side-work.

Tune-up lawn mower and  blades need to be sharpened before the year of Lawn & Yard Maintenance ahead, might as well do this now. The mower can go into the shop to be sure it’s running clean at the same time as the blades are attended toIt is a good idea to too this once a year so why not get that off the list before the spring season starts. If you see an extra blade on sale you may want to purchase it while you can because supply tends to lean out in the spring and summer months.

Fill up on gasoline in order to be hassle free when the time comes to actually do the work, you will be glad to have a full tank in the mower and a gas can full in the garage. Be sure to store it safely out of the sun and away from children. Consider it a must to have the gas in a child-proof gas can.

Rake the lawn to remove any dead grass from the winter as well as leaves that may have accumulated in the last moments of fall before winter. The first snowfall may have brought down the last layer of leaves and it will be good to remove so the new grass can breath in the spring air and sun.

Spring Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Fertilize your lawn in spring to give it the best start of fresh growth. Pay attention to the directions on the fertilizer or consult a professional to be sure not to over or under fertilize.

Aerate your lawn if it seems as though your lawn has become extremely brown and if it hasn’t been aerated in a couple years, this is not necessary to do every single year. When deciding if you should aerate or not you may want to consult a Lawn & Yard Maintenance professional because it is not something that is easy to regimen.

Herbicides are most effective when used in the spring, pre-emergent types are the kind to use at this time of year.

Summer Care & Maintenance for your Lawn

Grubs can take over a lawn and feed on the roots, but a certain amount will be healthy for the soil. If you see brown patches while the green is coming in elsewhere, this may be a sign that grubs or beetles are feeding on the lawn from below.

Cut the lawn at least once a week or even more than once a week if your lawn grows fast. Basically you should not be taking more than a third of the grass away with each mowing.

Weeding is an important part of Lawn & Yard Maintenance at this time of year. You want to stay ahead of the weeds, they will only multiply as the summer goes on. If you make an effort to remove all the weeds at the beginning of summer your overall workload will be less.

Fall Lawn-care

Planting grass is surprisingly best in the early fall. Be sure to remove the dead grass completely, then after softening the soil with some water and breaking up the harder parts of dirt, sprinkle in some versatile grass seeds. A good tip is to cover the new area with some fresh lawn trimmings, this will keep the area from drying out. Keep this area watered until the grass starts to grow.

Keep the leaves off the lawn! The main task of fall Lawn & Yard Maintenance is of corse raking leaves. If you slack on this one all your work for the year will be destroyed by the coming winter. Leaves will smother the grass and the frost will freeze them together and in early spring you may have nothing other than dirt. So be sure not to neglect raking your lawn until all the leaves have fallen. You want winter snow to fall on dormant grass with little or no leaves.