When it comes to Utah Landscaping there are some particular things to consider. Utah has a very taciturn climate, plants have to be able to endure the winter or they have to be replanted in the spring. There is a lot you need to think about before you begin to design your garden or yard. We are here to help and you will be glad to gain the insight of a team such as ours that can walk you through the steps in order to avoid the pitfalls that many are not aware of when they begin landscaping in Utah.

We have years of experience with yards and gardens in Utah which has given us a good amount of insider info. There are some very easy to take care of varieties to consider and there are some plants that are near impossible to implement into Utah Landscaping. Our team can listen to your vision and suggest some varieties of plants, flowers and trees that will create the look you desire and at the same time give you some options to consider depending on your budget and time.

Things to Consider Before you Begin Utah Landscaping

When you think of your dream garden or yard most likely you are picturing an image in your head of what your imagination can envision. However there are things to consider before you begin Utah Landscaping. Maintenance time and cost need to be weighed with equal importance as the goal you envision. This may be a reason to consider a few alternatives to what you envision. There are many styles of custom landscape design but if you want to save time and money on maintenance as well as minimize watering then you should consider what has become called Xeriscaping.

The Benefits of Xeriscaping in Utah

This term came about during the 80s, it happens to be the combination of the Greek word for zero and of corse the second half is from the word landscape. Depending on the region you are in Xeriscaping can incorporate different things but basically it is landscaping that has eliminated or dramatically reduced the need for water that isn’t already present in the environment. This Utah Landscaping means you don’t have to water it yourself any more than what mother nature already does in your area. Xeriscape is a name that evolved from what used to be simply called drought tolerant, however that doesn’t sound very pleasant so we are glad to call it by the new name.

If your lawn has brown patches and the thought of working to get it up to presentable standards seems like a feat that you don’t have the time for, then your next Utah Landscaping project should be Xeriscaping. Some people look at their lawn and think I could never get rid of that but if you give it time to sink in and take a look around you’ll realize that Xeriscaping is a very popular trend for many reasons.

Imagine never watering the lawn and never having to get the lawnmower out while pushing it around in the heat for more than an hour. This alone is reason for most people to switch their Utah Landscaping to xeriscaping. But wait there’s more! Inevitably xeriscaping will cost you dramatically less money to maintain, not just a little bit less but a lot less! No more fertilizing, no more aerating and if there is a spot that doesn’t get sun you don’t have to worry about it going brown.

Utah Landscaping of the Future

The future is here and it is clean, minimal and modern. Reducing the clutter of overgrown bushes in your yard and replacing them with clean straight edges will refresh the feeling of your garden. Separate spaces with open flat areas that can be covered with flat stones will also double as gathering spaces or even extra parking when guests come over. Your new Xeriscape yard has more potential than you realize.