For expert Custom Landscape Design contact us to begin a discussion about your landscape dreams. We have years of knowledge that you will certainly be glad to take advantage of. We will walk you through the process and possible costs to create the yard or garden that will compliment your property and increase the appraisal and resale value of your home or business. No matter the applicant or desired outcome for your landscaping needs we will work with you to stay within your affordable budget.

Types of Custom Landscape Design to Consider

There are several ways to create interesting points in the exterior places of your property. The thing that will have the most effect on the appeal of your property is set within one of the Types of Custom Landscape Design. We will describe a few but of course some are better than others if you want to consider the dry climate of Utah and perhaps you want to save on watering.

Formal Landscaping is a method of Custom Landscape Design that utilizes an idea of symmetry and typically duplicates itself within the yard, rarely will you see a haphazard or unplanned organization in this kind of yard. Plants might be groomed into a defined shape. There is a medium to high requirement in order to maintain this style of landscape.

Informal Landscaping is a style that works well with small spaces or intrinsic homes that want to portray a fairy-tale quality to the appearance. People who prefer this type of Custom Landscape Design will benefit from the privilege of having lower maintenance, allowing the natural shape of things to give character to their yards.

English Style Garden places the most importance on keeping melody between the design of a home’s exterior and the layout and eye appeal of the garden. In most cases the traditional form of this type landscape utilizes a lot of water  and is therefore not ideal for Custom Landscape Design but we are keen to help you design something inspired by an English Garden but will also fit into your preferred watering expense and schedule.

Formal Style Gardens typically have a brick path that leads to an area carefully plotted with plants and flowers but can also be designed to lead to an area of interest such as a patio, pool, or a guest house. Plants and flowers can be set into patterns and create a display by the way they are positioned in the garden. It is also becoming popular to mimic an English Garden but by removing the borders and creating a less formal and unconstrained feeling to the landscape overall.

Oriental Landscaping is perfect for homes with petite yards. It creates cute little interest points and places to visit within the yard often accented by intrinsic rock formations and waterfalls or perhaps a pond with koi fish and fountains. Many exotic plants are used to create plenty of little spaces to look at and enjoy. Even though typically you find certain ornamental shrubs, topiaries there really is no limit to what you choose. If you approach your garden with the idea to create nice scenery in a small space, consider using indigenous plants to Utah but utilize some angles from an oriental style landscape.

Cottage Style Gardens are almost exactly as they sound to most and that is a garden that feels very form the very old times. This Custom Landscape Design will make use of many kinds of flowers and herbs. Typically, you want to keep the lawn very trimmed to accentuate the overflowing flowers that spill from the plants and flood into one another. These Gardens are extremely high maintenance and require a lot of water as well as constant grooming. Consider this a garden for someone who loves yard work and hours pruning the garden.

Mediterranean Style Gardens almost always need to have Bougainvilleas in them. Commonly you will find some hanging plants form walls or anything that is overhead. They usually have some kind of water fountain or small lagoon that is further accented by hanging plants and blooming garden species that are reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.

Xeriscape (or Dryscape) Landscaping is the perfect type of Custom Landscape Design for Utahns interested in saving on water and spending as little time as possible working on their yard. By making use of low maintenance plants and replacing open areas with stone or grave instead of lawn. Utahns considering this style benefit greatly in the long run due to the extremely low cost of maintenance and extra time they inherit to more fully enjoy their gardens rather than working on them.